Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use dropthejuice Ginger for?
Add dropthejuice Ginger to your cooking, baking and in fact all of your cooking needs. It is also delicious in hot and cold drinks, as a marinade and even for making a quick salad dressing. For more recipe ideas click here.

Why should I use dropthejuice Ginger?
Juicing the ginger extracts much more of the vital nutrients it contains, compared to any other method of consuming it. This is because juicing breaks down cell walls and all the nutritional goodness making it simple for our body to absorb and digest. We source organic fresh ginger.

How is dropthejuice Ginger made?
We use organic ginger which is quality checked to ensure only the best pieces of ginger are selected and juiced. The juice is pressed ensuring the maximum level of enzymes and nutrients are released, resulting in juice that contains a strong nutritional content.

How much dropthejuice should I use?
When cooking and with beverages, with dropthejuice Ginger we always say, just experiment - start with one drop, and keep adding until you reach your desired taste and strength.

Does dropthejuice Ginger contain any additives or preservatives?
Our juice is authentic; this is noticeable by the way in which it separates. We don't believe in compromising the properties of our juice, so we avoid the use of any artificial additives, preservatives, enhancers or concentrates that are used to extend the shelf life; meaning we therefore place a shorter shelf life on our products.

What are the health benefits of droptheJuice Ginger?
Ginger can have a positive effect on the mind and body, coughs and colds, digestive disorders, fatigue, headaches, menstruation pain, nausea, muscle pain, arthritis, chilblains, poor circulation and many other areas. Ginger is widely complimented for its overall health benefits.

I suffer from headaches. Can I use droptheJuice Ginger to help alleviate headaches?
Fresh ginger has been known to be an effective treatment for headaches and migraines. Try our recipe for a refreshing ginger tea.

I suffer from Asthma. Can dropthejuice Ginger help?
There are many combinations with ginger that have been proven to help Asthma. As a home remedy, honey and ginger in tea is a recognised combination that has been known to help. It's all about experimenting to find a combination that works well for you.

Can I freeze droptheJuice Ginger?
Yes, you can freeze it and make ice cubes with whatever you have left.

Can you tell me exactly what dropthejuice Ginger contains that makes it good for you?
Ginger is known to have more than twelve types of anti-oxidants. It contains essential oils, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, choline, folic acid, inositol, manganese, panthotenic acid, silicon, and a small amount of vitamin B3. The important active components of the ginger root are thought to be volatile oils and pungent phenol compounds (such as gingerols and shogaols).

Can I use dropthejuice beyond the Use By date?
Our 'use by date' is our recommendation when to use our produce whilst it is at its peak quality. We recommend a date for best flavour/ quality.

Can I take ginger if I am on medication?
Ginger may alter the effects of some prescription and non- prescription medications. If you are on medication you should not use droptheJuice ginger without first talking to your General Practitioner (GP).

When should I avoid dropthejuice Ginger?
Although there is no known toxicity associated with taking ginger, if you are pregnant, on medication, suffer from any liver or kidney conditions or have been diagnosed with gastric or peptic ulcers, gallstones, check with your General Practitioner (GP) before taking ginger.

What about allergic reactions?
There have been no reports of serious reactions to ginger in medical writings. Any reactions are usually to those who already have allergies to plant extracts or herbal remedies. A reaction to ginger usually manifests itself as a rash where the extract has touched one specific part of the skin.

Are there any side effects with taking dropthejuice Ginger?
Ginger is very safe to take for a wide variety of ailments. A few people have reported heartburn after taking ginger.

How should I store my juice?
As our juices are raw and without preservatives this makes our product perishable, so do keep refrigerated. If you would like to transport the juice you could use a cooler with ice or an icepack.

What is the white sediment at the bottom of the bottle?
All natural juices separate this shows its authenticity. Ginger contains very important oils, these oils separate, so do shake your juice to blend.

Is your juice unpasteurized or pasteurized?
We believe in preserving our products natural taste and goodness. Our juice is simply pure, unmodified, and unpasteurized.

Upon arrival my cooler packs are melted, is this okay?
This is fine as the ice packs stay frozen during transit.

What’s the best way to store my juice when it arrives?
You should store your juice in the fridge. Remove it from the box before you put it in the fridge. Remember to put the ice packs in the freezer so they’re ready should you need to carry your juice around.

How do I know if my juice has gone off?
The juice will start to separate - and form a heavy water content at top. It may also become extremely dark in colour. However, you must have had to kept it well past its shelf life date or left the bottle unrefrigerated.

How are your products tested?
Our products are regularly tested, for shelf life, stability and quality with reputable food technologists.

I have had a bottle where the juice fizzed when I opened it?
Our juice must be kept refrigerated - as this is raw juice we cannot guarantee every bottle. If for whatever reason you are not happy we ask for you to email us and return the goods - we will refund in full.

My juice has become extremely thick? Is it good to use?
Each bottle of our juice is unique, no batch produced will ever be identical - this will in no way effect the benefits, quality, taste and goodness of the juice, it is still good to use.

Why does the ginger in some bottles appear thicker than others?
From time to time our Ginger juice will appear thicker, this is to do with less water content and more oils within batches.  The Oleoresins in Ginger along with other constituents will vary and are more concentrated in certain batches.  Please note this will not impact on the taste and quality of the Ginger.